Recruiting = Selling. Candidate = Customer.

I have been recruiting for years.  Wow, it’s hard to believe but it is just over 20 years actually! Most of that time has been spent on the outside, but I also spent 3 ½ years on the inside of a Fortune 200 Telecommunications company.  What I have always understood and put my heart into as the agency is understanding the value proposition of the client I was working with so that I can honestly and passionately sell the opportunities to my candidates (also my client).  As an outside agency, I serve 2 clients- my candidate and my hiring organization.  In order to be successful and build long term relationships, I must always have everyone’s best interest in mind.  The win / win is essential. 

I found that when I was on the inside of this Fortune 200 organization, HR didn’t always realize that the Candidate was also a Customer.  Sales and Marketing didn’t work with HR and Staffing.  Staffing didn’t see eye to eye with HR and Corporate Compensation.  I had conversations with these organizations pointing out that our goals were at odds with each other.  The business wanted to hire only “A players” and Corporate Compensation wanted to pay for “B players” and the business didn’t want to go up against a powerful HR executive to fight for the A players they charged me with finding.  

I believe that Staffing doesn’t belong in the HR organization.  Staffing belongs to the business with a dotted line to HR.  The business, Sales, Marketing, and HR should all work in concert with a common vision.  Every candidate should come away regardless of the outcome of the interview process, with a respect for the company’s product or service, organization and culture.  Every candidate is a current or future prospective customer.

About annspoor
Ann Spoor is the Jerry McGuire to Corporate Executives and Professionals. She is an Executive Talent Agent, Executive Coach, Career Manager, Executive Branding Expert, and Social Media Coach. Ann lives in Denver with her husband Mark and their 2 kids. The Leadership Lattice is an interview series conducted by Ann Spoor CEO & Founder of Executive Lattice. The series focuses on Leadership in the private & public sector. Please subscribe to this blog to follow along in the discussion.

One Response to Recruiting = Selling. Candidate = Customer.

  1. Stan Brown says:

    Hi Ann,

    Just read some of your blog entries; both fun to read and I agree with your views.

    Stay well,

    ~ Stan Brown

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