Body Language and Interviewing

I recently read a series of comments on a blog that mentioned how important a handshake is in terms of making a good first impression. What was really shocking to me was how a few readers were total denial about the importance of body language. One reader was very defensive and felt that his handshake should have nothing to do with getting hired. It should all have been about his skills. I wanted to reach through cyberspace and shake him; tell him to wake up.

There are some things that, whether you like it or not, are quite simply, reality.

Here are 8 FACTS-

1. First impressions have a big impact on the entire interview and outcome of that interview.

2. A warm, firm handshake makes a great first impression.

3. A warm, genuine smile makes a great lasting impression.

4. Good eye contact is imperative.

5. Sit forward in your chair. The impression is that you are interested in what the person interviewing you has to say.

6. Don’t fidget or use your hands too much when talking. It’s distracting.

7. Keep both feet on the ground. Don’t cross your legs.

8. A warm, firm handshake when you are done and leaving closes the interview with a good impression.

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